4/17/2010 - Erlanger's 2nd Annual Amazing Race

amazing race

Kathy Cahill     505 Commonwealth Avenue     (859) 727-7955     mkcahill@ci.erlanger.ky.us

Where:  Begins at the Erlanger City Building and travels to various locations throughout the city

When:  Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time:  6:30 p.m. (arrive 15 minutes early to consult with team members)

Bring: Charged digital camera with screen or Polaroid camera with film, pen or pencil, full tank of gas

Team:  2-7 persons or car load (motorcycles welcome)

Cost: $25.00 per team, due by registration deadline

Prize:  $100.00 1st place, $75.00 2nd place, $50.00 3rd place

Registration Deadline:  Friday, March 26, 2010