4/21/2012 - Open Burn Ban

 Annual Open Burning Ban


Each year, beginning May 1st burn permits will not be issued due to the annual burn ban.    Kenton County is designated as a moderate non-attainment for ozone.  This means there will not be any open burning permitted in the City of Erlanger.  Open burning is easily defined as land clearing fires or fires on the ground.  Residents may burn year round in contained fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, barrels, etc.  Residents may not burn garbage at any time, and may only burn clean, non-treated wood only.  This burn ban will be in effect until September 30, and free burn permits will be permitted again beginning October 1.  Call (859) 727-2488 to request a burn permit be issued.  We will come to your home or property to issue the permit for free.